If you would like to endorse me, please email your name, title (if applicable), and quote (optional) to markstuart4education@outlook.com

You literally acted as the bridge between District and families with first hand information answering questions (sometimes that turned in to debates) on parent forums. This is what a True leader does.

-Anu GopalamLWSD Parent

Your goals are my goals. I wish you every possible success.

-Rabbi Burt E. Schuman

You have always pushed for equity and inclusion in our schools and have been approachable and communicative with parents. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our students!

-Tori Cannaday Jesse- LWSD Parent

I didn't know you at all before COVID, and now I know you through your work communicating with and genuinely listening to parents on Facebook during a period of major upheaval and fear. Based on that, I deeply appreciate how much you are doing for our kids and community. School Board is such an important role, and I respect your leadership and values.[...]

Thanks for all you've done already. Please do keep working on the diversity & inclusion goals (both OSPI and racial/cultural).

-Susan Weston- LWSD Parent

We have met with Mark and found him to be a leader who understands the impact sports can have on the overall development of kids. He understands the need for equity in the classroom and on the athletic field as well. His inclusive approach, great listening skills and drive to get things done for kids is encouraging to me for our cricket community. Thank you for your support Mark and we are looking forward to your continued leadership"

- Jagan Nemani, President of Seattle Youth Cricket League and Major League Cricket Academy Seattle

I am proud to say that the following organizations and individuals are raising their voices in support of my candidacy:

King County Democrats
th District Democrats

48th District Democrats

41st District Democrats

1st District Democrats

(4 for 4 in LWSD)

Labor Organizations

Lake Washington Education Association (LWEA)

Teamsters Local 763

LiUNA Laborers Local 242

Elected Leaders

State Senator Patty Kuderer, 48th LD

State Senator Derek Stanford, 1st LD

State Senator Lisa Wellman, 41st LD

State Representative Vandana Slatter, 48th LD

State Representative Amy Walen, 48th LD

State Representative Roger Goodman, 45th LD

State Representative Larry Springer, 45th LD

State Representative MyLinh Thai, 41st LD

State Representative Shelley Kloba, 1st LD

Tanika Padhye, Redmond City Council President

Vanessa Kritzer, Redmond City Councilmember

Penny Sweet, Kirkland Mayor

Jay Arnold, Kirkland Deputy Mayor

Neal Black, Kirkland City Councilmember

Jon Pascal, Kirkland City Councilmember

Amy Steele Falcone, Kirkland City Councilmember

Joyce Bottenberg, Chair of Sammamish Human Services

Eric Laliberte, LWSD President

Ram Dutt, Snoqualmie Valley School Board Director

Roy Captain, Redmond Planning Commission &

Lake Washington School Foundation Chair

Community Leaders

Sarah Perry, Candidate for King County Council

Janet Richards, Candidate Redmond City Council and LWSD parent

Tara Van Niman, Candidate Redmond City Council and LWSD parent

Joan McBride, former 48th LD State Rep and Kirkland Mayor

Hank Margeson, former Redmond City Councilmember

Byron Shutz, former Redmond City Councilmember

Arnold Tomac, former Redmond City Councilmember

Pat Vache, former Redmond City Councilmember

Dave Asher, former Kirkland City Councilmember

Santos Contreras, former Kirkland City Councilmember and Deputy Mayor

Ramiro Valderama, former Sammamish City Councilmember and

Deputy Mayor

Jackie Pendergrass, former LWSD president

Sue Stewart, former chair of Redmond Human Services Commission

Larry Gilmore, Kiwanis immediate past president

Rabbi Burt Schuman

Melissa Stuart, candidate for Redmond City Council

Anu Gopalam

Renay George

Cary Young

Reetu Gupta

CJ Kahler

Mardi Rhodes

Susan Weston

Tori Cannaday Jesse

Lisa Guthrie

"Mark has been a constant advocate for those students who can’t advocate for themselves. His service on LWSD’s Board brings a personal and national perspective to the needs of students and their parents."

-Representative Roger Goodman

“Your work on behalf of a long marginalized group. children with disabilities and special needs, should not go unrewarded. You are their champion and your voice on the Lake Washington School Board is needed and valued.”

-Lisa Wellman, State Senator 41st District

"Mark is a consensus builder who values the input of students and families. He is an excellent advocate for supporting achievement for all students and is an experienced leader who will continue to strengthen our neighborhood schools."

- Tanika Padhye, president of the Redmond City Council

"Mark is a proven collaborator, listener, and partner. He is equity-driven and wants all students to be able to choose their futures instead of circumstances, societal factors, or preconceived barriers doing it for them. He has worked hard for and with families, students, and community partners. I believe that his continued leadership will support the vision, mission, and goals that our diverse communities need for our students to be global citizens, prepared to lead in whatever field they choose, impacting their local communities and the world at large."

- Gloria Henderson, Former Equity Director (Lake Washington SD), Educational leader & Social Justice Advocate, Currently Executive Director of Schools (Bellevue SD)

Mark Stuart has worked hard for all children, but I especially appreciate his work on behalf of LWSD students like my son. Our son's heart stopped for 20 minutes, which caused 2 brain injuries. His educational needs are unique. Mark is a relentless advocate to ensure that he receives the best education he can receive from LWSD. Vote for Mark to ensure that ALL of our students are represented in LWSD planning, policies, and priorities

-Janet Richards, parent and Redmond City Council candidate

Mark has done an excellent job of representation on our School Board. I trust him to make the right decisions for our kids and our schools.

-Kirkland Mayor Penny Sweet

“Mark Stuart should be re-elected to the School Board. He understands education: the needs of our kids; how schools operate effectively; and how to build a District-wide team of the staff."

-Kraig Peck, Chair, 45th District Democrats Endorsement Committee

“I have known Mark for about 5 years now. I have had many conversations with him on the phone and at coffee shops. He is very down to earth, and genuine when it comes to his care for the students of LWSD. It’s hard to find people, who are as genuine as Mark, in leadership positions. I wholeheartedly endorse him for Lake Washington School Board.”

-Dr. John Tower – Parent, Chiropractic Physician and former Redmond Ridge East community leader

Lake Washington Education Association